RAW Excellence is company specialized in the sales and distribution of ‘Natural Wines’ and similar products of excellence. Our passion derives from working with natural and authentic products of the highest quality that truly represent the regions where they were produced.

In this context we can talk about producing wine in a biological or biodynamical fashion, about the Steiner philosophy, about Sulphur or no Sulphur, about zero additives, no-fining and much more … and we will … but most importantly we want to talk about wine … fantastic wines from smaller and specialized producers that we have selected with care. Producers who produce their wines with the least possible intervention, both in their vineyards as during the actual wine-making process, which results in wines that are true to their nature and are a full expression of their ‘terroir’. Wines of the best quality but – just as important – wines that are highly enjoyable for all occasions.


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