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We strongly believe in Natural Wines and this website is our testimonial of this conviction. With this website we want to inform you about natural wine and what makes them stand out in the world of wines that you are being offered today, to inform you about the natural wine producers which we have selected for our collection and the remarkable products they make and – last but not least - to offer you the possibility to purchase these wines in an easy and straight forward fashion.

Natural wines go over and beyond biological and bio-dynamical. Natural wines are wines that have been produced with total respect for the environment in which they are created. Wines that are produced with the least possible intervention by man. Wines that remain close to nature and that are a true expression of the environment – or ‘terroir’ – in which they ‘grew up’ and were produced …

When selecting wines and wine-producers for our ‘RAW-Excellence’ collection we specifically look for great wines, but great wines that have been made in a responsible manner, with total respect for their ‘terroir’ and where possible with the use of indigenous grape-types. 


  • It is produced in relatively small quantities

  • Typically by an independent wine-maker

  • Where the grape-vines are organized and kept in such a way that they produce a relatively low harvest per acre

  • Where the harvest is done by hand and where the vineyards are maintained based on a biological or biodynamical philosophy

  • Where no selected yeast-stains are used in the wine-making process

  • Where the wine is produced without the use of acidification or de-acidification techniques

  • And where the producer does not apply any micro-oxygenation or similar techniques

Typically Natural Wines are neither filtered nor clarified. On occasion however light filtering may occur.

Where possible Natural Wine is typically produced without the  use of Sulphur and if Sulphur is used then generally this is added in minimal quantities during the bottling-process. Please note however that wines naturally produce a minimal quantity of Sulphur, and this obviously also goes for Natural Wine. 


No discounted products at this time.